Nantahala vs Daniel Boone National Forest

August 12, 2017


Coming from Miami, FL the greenery of the forest is indescribable. Just driving through both forests was rewarding enough. However, if I had to choose between Nantahala and Daniel Boone I would choose Daniel Boone. 


The main reason I would choose Daniel Boone is because the forest is more visitor friendly. The hikes are well marked with colored plates nailed to the tree. Nantahala was a little confusing to navigate when it came to finding the trail head to even following the trail. Even at the trail heads they have old maps that showed the forest as a whole rather than focusing in on the trail you were about to hike. 


However, if you are visiting Nantahala National Forest I would recommend staying at Jackrabbit Mountain campground. The sites are located right on the water and each site is well hidden from the other. Plus, if you come unprepared and need to make a few errands Jackrabbit Mountain is only a 5 minute drive from the campground. The best store is Ingles. It has everything you'll need from food, cookware, to propane tanks.


In Daniel Boone, there is an accessible ranger and information building and well marked roads. Even when we found ourselves on a dirt road in the outbacks the roads were marked. Plus, trial heads had maps showing the trail and the different splits that it makes to overlooks or alternative route so that you knew where to go ahead of time.



Nantahala - Glen Falls trail and the other trail to the right of Glen Falls. Not sure what it was called.


Daniel Boone - Dog Slaughter Falls. We found the trail head off a dirt road at the 2 miles marker however the full trail is 7 miles long. We came across the entrance towards the end of the trail on accident. This trail is moderately hard to navigate as far a footing but completely worth it. The waterfall at the end is accessible and you can walk under it or even swim to it if you are brave enough to jump in the freezing cold water.


Daniel Boone - Yahoo Falls: Recommended by a women from Ohio who frequents Daniel Boone. The trail is easy to navigate and there are several different paths you can take. The steps will lead you down and under the fall which is a taller but smaller fall than Dog Slaughter. The other path we took leads to the look outs over the fall and to the Yahoo arch. We highly recommend the the 1.8 miles trail to the arch. After seeing a ton of waterfalls it was nice is change the scenery.




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Nantahala vs Daniel Boone National Forest

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