Day 2: Learning Curve

August 12, 2017



Today we survived day 2 of our cross country road trip and I wish I could say it went without a single hiccup but what fun would that be?


The reality was that from the hours of midnight to 4 AM we had already encountered several issues.


1. Puppies freak out when they go camping for the first time. I imagined my 4 month old GSD would've loved sleeping in the tent with all the smells and noises of animals. But was I wrong! He paced around the tent FOREVER. And mind you our tent did not provide much space for pacing. So you have been warned, once the sun disappears and the noises begin your pup may not feel very comfortable for a good hour or so.


2. Also, even if your puppy is house trained, he/she is NOT tent trained. Plus when it is 2 AM and you are fumbling to figure out the tent zipper to let your puppy out you will most likely fail to let them out in time similar to what happened to me. Sorry Thor!


3. Rain or shine always prepare for water trying to sneak into your tent. Last night it did rain and at 4 AM we had to run out to throw the rain guard over the tent.


However, after an interesting night we woke up, had some Box Coffee cold brew to make up for the lack of sleep and went off to hike the Glen Falls trail.


WARNING: if you hike Glen Falls, DO NOT GO down the right trail. Follow the Glen Falls sign to the left. The right trail will lead you 5+ miles into the forest. Although beautiful, it goes nowhere haha.


Glen Falls however, was amazing. The day was over cast and rainy but the falls were full and worth the hike. There are three falls, get to the end! The walk back is a daunting incline for 1.8 miles but if our 4 month old puppy could do it after hiking 10+ miles you can do it to!


Last but not least...


We've all heard that saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well it was not broke but I definitely should've fixed it. When we returned from our hike, my 6+ year old tent was soaked from the days rain. And not the outside. The inside had puddles in all corners and Christian's pillow was SOAKED. There are no holes so my best guess is that the tent is just old. So tomorrow we are buying a new tent and pillow haha. I am not risking that pillow molding over the next 4 weeks!


Tomorrow we are headed to Daniel Boone National Forest to hike the Dog Slaughter Falls which unlike the name I hear is amazing!

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