Learn From Our Packing Mistakes

August 9, 2017

Today we attempted to pack the Xterra for the trip. As I mentioned in the previous blog about the car converter, we had an awesome idea for creating a layer of storage and creating a flatbed on top, with plywood. However, all of that went to shit.


We were confident we had minimized the items we were taking on the trip but we misjudged it terrible. Towards the end of packing the car we realized we had several bags still remaining and Thor’s huge crate to put inside the car. Below are a few challenges we ran into.

Packing tips:

  • Don’t assume your plan is flawless. Packing is all about trial and error.

  • Don’t leave everything for the last minute. No one wants to deal with packing late at night and definitely not at 5AM.

  • Minimize and then re-minimize. You may not think it is a lot but items add up. Especially if you are moving and not just going cross country for leisure.

  • Plan out accessibility. You want to pack things strategically. We put all items we do not need immediately in the car top cargo and then from front to back the more and more used items such as the cooler, toiletries, and Thor’s stuff.

  • If you are traveling with a puppy plan ahead. Thor for example is going to double in size by the end of the trip so we had to make sure we had enough room for him to grow into throughout the trip.

  • If you are packing the roof top cargo consider the height of the car and whatever door you have to exit from such as parking garage, home garage door, or car port. If you have an Xterra it will hit and the maintenance guy will definitely yell at you.

  • Also keep in mind that you will need to take down the car top cargo frequently to secure it inside your car when you stop anywhere. So don’t overly stuff it to the point that you cannot manage taking it on and off the roof top.


Also, if anyone in Miami, FL needs an XL dog crate, it is currently sitting on the corner of 24th street and Biscayne Blvd near the dumpster. Unfortunately, we had to cut our losses on that.


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