Paka Apparel

August 3, 2017



Paka Apparel is an amazing boutique e-commerce site that is working towards changing the world one sweater at a time. 


"We provide naturally-gifted Peruvian women weavers with the resources to share their talent with the world while financially empowering themselves" - Paka Apparel


Based in the outskirts of Cosco, Peru, Paka Apparel is bringing light to alpaca products while utilizing local talents. For every sweater you purchase there is a visible tangible impact. 


The founder, Kris Cody, came across Cosco, Peru during his gap year while traveling through South America. After purchasing his first alpaca sweater he knew there was something worth coming back for. Kris spends most of his time now in Cosco, Peru side-by-side with the weavers trying to spread the word and create a sustainable impact.


Currently, Paka Apparel is preparing for a re-launch with a whole new line of alpaca products. Sign up for a sneak peak and become a part of their story.



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