Cross Country Camping Shopping List

August 1, 2017


If you are going cross country and have little to nothing prepared like myself, then this list may be perfect for you as well. Typically I would recommend a Goodwill or any used gear or clothing center right off the bat but I am in Miami, FL and no one has camping gear. Have you ever hear of someone from Miami go camping…let alone where, in the middle of the Everglades? Probably not. Miami people, no offense, don’t like to get their hands dirty.


Regardless, there is not gear in Miami for me to purchase at cheap so I  set a $500 cap and purchased everything on Amazon. After all, Amazon has everything and it comes straight to my door so win, win.


To start off, I assessed what I had and what I needed. I had a tent and needed everything else. Pretty much the story of my life. I make spontaneous rash decisions and never fully develop the execution plan so me planning to go cross country within three weeks without gear is a typical thing for me.


Below are all the items under $500 you should purchase for you cross country trip. Also, you could probably save more if you are not traveling with a pup.


Amazon Shopping List:

  • Thick wool hiking socks: 3 pairs $7.99

  • Water shoes: M: $23.98 W: $19.95

  • Power inverter: $26.99

  • Huge bottle of bug spray: $14.99

  • Car organizer for wet, dry, dirty clothes: $10.99

  • First aid kit: $12.38

  • Coleman tent kit to clean the tent: $14.99

  • Silicone collapsible coffee trip filter cone: $7.99

  • 2 pack lanterns, batteries included: $16.88

  • 2 Microfiber towels: $18.99

  • Master lock magnet for car keys: $3.52

  • Coleman dinner set for 2: $14.72

  • 2 Collapsible dog bowls: $6.99

  • Glow in the dark pet collar: $15. 99

  • Cell phone car mount: $11.99

  • Mesh mosquito net for car doors (if you sleep in the car): $12.19

  • GoPro accessories set: $18.99

  • Waterproof bag, phone pouch, and fanny pack: $19.99

  • Tent lantern and ceiling fan 2-1: $15.99

  • Roof top waterproof cargo: $68.99

  • Portable grill: $86.52

  • Outdoor tactical backpack: $37.99










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