Recruiting Sponsors - We Need Help!

July 12, 2017

If you are reading this, I probably emailed your brand about joining us for our cross country road trip. 


Why did we contact you?


If we contacted you that is because we are a fan of our brand! We want more than anything for you to join us. And we aren't asking for much. Originally we were going to set off solo but as a digital marketer and a fan of your brand I couldn't leave on the most epic trip of my life without posting pictures and promoting products or


services that helped me through the journey along the way. 


So I decided to take a gamble and reach out to you. I know we are small time people in a world full of largely followed brand ambassadors but who knows, maybe that is what will make us more intriguing.


What do we need?

We need help that' for sure! We have a car, a raggedy old tent, and an idea of what we want this trip to be. You might think I am joking but seriously we have no gear and limited funds. But the more support we get the longer we can extend this trip and survive it. We will take everything from logo stickers for the truck (stickers are a must!), to gas or food stipend, to any and all gear/apparel.


Why should you help us?

Because you can and because I know deep down inside you really want to! We aren't asking for a fully paid trip, just something to inspire us and keep us moving forward. I'll even take a funny shirt or a road trip challenge from anyone you don't need to be a sponsoring brand. We are just two kids and a puppy trying to fulfill a dream of ours. I've worked 45+ hours a week since I was 19 and missed out on the college years of freedom from work and responsibilities. So now is my chance to take a month or two for myself before jumping back into the chair behind the desk.


What will your brand benefit from this?

Regardless of what you offer your brand will receive several media shout outs! I contacted you become I already love your brand so whether you pitch in or not I will be posting about you. 


Also, as I mentioned in my email to you, I have four years of digital marketing experience and I am seeking to use my expertise and cross country experience to share my journey with the world!

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